Monday, May 4, 2009


     I can't believe I haven't done one of these since last Thursday!! After this next weekend I'm not taking anymore weekends off!! 
     So I will start with my last Thursday. I got up and went to the beach with my friend Jessica Cheatwood and her 3 boys. For those of you who know me...I USED to want 5 boys, all two years apart. Jessica has 3 boys, over 2 years apart and I have no idea how she doesn't loose her mind! Between trying to carry on a logical conversation, take pictures, chase my daughter and keep a loose eye on the boys also. My mind was gone by the time I had to leave...and maybe that's what I need...something to keep my mind busy so that I don't really think about taking pictures. I always worry about getting the right shot, all the while the ability to do that was right there.

Poppies on the beach cliff

Josiah and Ezekiel sitting "patiently" (at least while mom was watching) on the curb so that they didn't fall off of said cliff (which they almost did) while she got the littlest one out of his car seat. This is mom's favorite picture. What she doesn't know is that Josiah is actually turned around waiting for the opportunity to bail (which he did successfully did seconds later)

I always think that she is so tough...until she hangs out with boys! and I realize...I really do have a girl on my hands!

Ezekiel trying to keep up with Josiah

After Josiah successfully landed in the middle of a tide pool "trying to jump over it" Ezekiel "fell" and then "slipped" (the slipping is when I took this picture) in such a way that it looked just like he was doing it intentionally! AMAZING little kid. Unfortunatly for him he ended up arm pit high in the deeper part of the tidepool.

    Rumor spread that I was in just down the road and my husband decided that he wanted me to have lunch with him. Turns out he just forgot his lunch at home and wanted me to pick something up for him since I was right down the road. Such the romantic!! Being the good wife I am, I went and got him lunch and ended up eating on one of the prettiest balconies in one of the prettiest houses Ive seen in a long time.

    I took this picture from the beach that we were at. Aaron was in the house furthest to the left on the cliff looking at me with binoculars. I'm sure you can imagine what the view was like sitting up there looking this way. It was amazing.
    I had enough time to go home, get ready and then leave to go to a meeting, AKA girls night out, with my photography buddies and alot of wedding industry people that I had never met before. All of them were older than me and most didn't have kids was odd for me to be in that situation because I'm so used to being surrounded by people who are supportive or are young mom's themselves. I originally was kind of upset but then I started to think about it...I KNOW THIS was right for me. I was made to be an young mom, I was made to take care of babies, THIS is what I was made for and quite honestly I wouldn't trade this for being a multi millionaire with my own business that finally decides that she's ready to have a family, but realizes all to soon that she's never had time for a husband and now it's to late because her eggs have gone bad she will never have the JOY that I have every single day of my life!

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Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

I needed a laugh like that, the first part cracked me up, and the second part was beautiful! You are a good mommy and an awsome photographer!