Friday, May 29, 2009

untitled...because my brain can't handle coming up with one

    As Emily gets closer and closer to her two's I find it harder and harder to get on here. I try to get on during the day when my husband isn't home so that I can spend time with him when he is here. With her being more of a sweet loving HANDFUL it's harder to get time to myself...I think I'm going to start making naptime, "mommy's blog time".  
    This last weekend I got to go to Pine Mountain to visit and meet Aaron's grand-aunt, uncle, and cousins. We had a great time up there. I got some more pictures of Aaron's aunts bulldogs (those will be on my photography blog) and some senior pictures of Aaron's cousin's wife (those too will be on my photography blog soon). I had so much fun with Ashley, she's SEEMS so shy but in front of a camera she is AMAZING. The was tossing her hair and kicking out her she was a world renown model in her last life. In 10 minutes I got 300 pictures, all different and ALL amazing...not only is she an amazing in front of a camera, rumor has it she's not too shabby behind one either. 
     Monday after we came home Emily came to me saying "i wan dat" over and over again. I told her I didn't understand what she wanted since she was aimlessly pointing down the hallway and told her to show me...she confirmed my worse fear by dragging me into the bathroom and showing me the toilet. I inched closer and closer fearing that I was going to find my phone or ipod bubbling at the bottom. I was was empty. I looked at her and said "what do you want Emily" and she pulled on her diaper and acted like she was going to crawl up! I took this as my sign...READY SET POTTY TRAINING HAS BEGUN! I took off her diaper and she sat there proud of herself...she didn't do anything but boy was she proud to be up there. I put regular "chonies" on her and was prepared to start the real deal. I put her up on the toilet every 30 minutes and FINALLY it paid off! She went! I made a huge deal and gave her candy...It's been 4 1/2 days now and she averages about one accident a day. Lucky for me the accident doesn't go unnoticed...she knows what she as done as soon as it happens and she runs to the potty to go the rest of the way. I'm pretty sure that this is it!! My baby girl is on her way to being potty trained! :) No more HORRIBLE (I've said before that my daughter's odor is by far the worst I have ever come across) diapers!!

     So with that said, I have spent every 15-30 minutes of my last days few days in the bathroom with little time to blog. From now on I'm utilizing my nap times :)
     I also took these pictures today, I thought that they were SOOOOO cute. Emily was, of course, being super quiet and this is what I walked into my livingroom to find. Plus, after spending one of those free days on the phone with someone from Adobe, who I had a VERY hard time understanding, I FINALLY got my program I've been waiting so long for, I needed something to play with. So I played around with these . the one of her peeking over the camera is going in my portfolio!

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