Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Joe

     "Joe". It's my nickname for my mom. My dad used to come home and ask "where's Joe?", "Joe who?", I would ask. "JO MOMMA" he would respond and laugh his little "whowhowhowho" laugh...He used to get me everytime. Eventually I figured it out and started calling her Joe.

     I took this picture a while ago and keep forgetting to put it on here for my mom. This was a house warming gift from my mom. When I was younger I always had venus fly traps and never was able to keep them alive for more than 2 weeks. SO when I moved in with Aaron she give me this and told said, "IF you can take care of this and keep it alive, then you can have kids." Well momma it's still alive and kickin more than 3 years later. It even bloomed for the first time. :) 

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