Friday, May 22, 2009

Secret spy

    HAHAHA! oh my. I laughed for a while at this picture. My best friend from the valley, Kaylee, also went on both of the missions trips with me. In Nicaragua she found herself in the eye section because she had too big of a heart to yank on peoples teeth and checking someones eyes didn't inflict any pain...Now, I've never really talked to Kaylee about all of this so hopefully I'm close to right in telling this story. I guess I will say that this is the story from MY point of view instead. 
     SO Kaylee worked in the eyes with Bill and Grace, and the first year, Chris. At the time I could read my Kaylee like a book and I was pretty convinced she had a "crush" on him. I didn't know Chris at all but if I had to guess I would say that the feeling was mutual. With both of them working in the eyes right under Graces nose, I don't know if Kaylee ever got the feeling of being watched like I did. Turns out Chris had put aside his interest in Kaylee after he read a note from some girl back home that was a family friend.  They knew eachother since the day they were born, and she was finally admitting her love for the time it was "blah blah blah" to me. NOW that I know it was Jessie, my best friend and his wife now, it's a much more interesting story to me, and just proof that God puts people in your lives at a certain time for a certain reason.
     I think for the first time I'm rambling; I still haven't got to the point of the picture.  So when Panama came around, Kaylee, of course, found herself in the eyes with Grace again. I remember having a little bit of a jealously of the relationship that they had together. They would laugh about something and I would try to make my way into the conversation so that I felt "accepted", only to get uprutly stopped in my tracks from one look from Grace. 
**back to reality for a second**I'm telling you that the woman knows everything that's going on: She just called in the middle of me writing this. It's like she KNOWS! okay back to the story:
     So Kaylee read my blog yesterday and dug up this picture for me. It is a picture of Grace video taping us when we were painting up at the tower. The tower was much further than the building that you see in the back and with the naked eye, you couldn't see us very well. So she whips out her video camera to watch is instead! She actually was watching us like a hawk!  Kaylee gave me this picture not knowing if I knew about it or not but thought it would be pretty funny. I actually did know that she had watched us because when she made a Panama video for her church there was footage of that in there. Instead of being upset, I actually enjoyed getting to see it again. That alone time, although COMPLETELY innocent, was when I believe me and Aaron fell in love. We really got to know one another and after that it was like we had known eachother forever.
     I guess I should end this by saying I LOVE GRACE. I've learned that the "look" is just how she looks at people when she's trying to figure out what they are saying...I still get it every once and a while and it does still stop me in my tracks, but I don't take it personally anymore. Grace is an amazing woman. Her heart is kind and her head is strong...She alot of times reminds me alot of my own mom and grandma. She loves me like I am one of her own and because of this I am honored to able to call her "grandma grace" also!

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thats a great story, but I cant make anything out of that picture, im not sure what it is even after reading the story!