Thursday, May 7, 2009


     My Papa and his wife, Jodi, made a stop by our house on their way up to see her son in Idaho. It was so good to see my papa. They haven't gotten the chance to visit Emily since her 1st birthday almost a year ago and boy has she changed since then! 

Eating strawberries dipped in sugar with her great papa just 
like my grandma used to do let me do.

    Everyone knows that my daughter is quite the jokester. Whether she means to be or not, she constantly has to be going. I ALWAYS have to be one step ahead...well, I wasn't this time:

She had her eye on this one cherrio at the very bottom of the bag. and the only way to get to it was to dump the whole bag out on the floor!

...and the only way to eat it was to bob for it? 
Aaron took these pictures for me, but I couldn't stop laughing at them. I had to leave and he came home to the mess :( but at least he got a kick out of her being a nerd!

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