Friday, April 3, 2009

Absolute Joy

    Well I wrote this big old long blog and pretty much ranted and raved about all the gross things that no one ever tells you that you have to put up with when you become a mother. Then I decided that there are many reasons why no one ever talks about's because they don't matter! At the end of the day, when I look at my munchy, I don't think of all the things that she does during the day that I very well could lose my mind over. Instead I look at her and think of all the Joy that she brings me by just being here! :)

   So for a couple of quick updates:

1. I found out from the very wise Dr. Cheatwood that Emily split her frenum (don't google it, it has many meanings apparently) The frenum is the little piece of skin that seems to connect your gums to your upper lip. There are no consequences to this being broken and it will be tender for a couple of days but after that it will pretty much disappear. In fact, when I looked at Aaron's it was identical and as far as I know he's perfectly fine. :) and dad, I promise she is just fine! her face is not ruined for life!

2. Emily is still in her pull-ups! She went to the bathroom again in her little training toilet this morning. And although she doesn't use it for #1 (as I've started calling it) she does pull at her diaper every time she goes and as a reinforcement I set her on the little toilet to reiterate what I'm trying to teach her. I figure if I'm only half there at a year and a half I'm still doing pretty darn good!

    I should have some family pictures for everyone to look at tomorrow

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