Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hasta La Vista Diapers!!

I already had what I wanted to blog about all planned out today. Then THIS happened and I figured it was much better :) I told myself yesterday that I was DONE with diapers. I'm not sure what it is about my daughter but she is HORRIBLE...and when I say horrible I mean, she can easily clear a room in 5 seconds flat. So, yesterday when I asked her if she had a dirty diaper and she tugged on the diaper and layed down for me to change it I figured it was time, or at least close to it. So today I was talking to Jessie and told her about my plans and decided to pick up some PullUps while I was at the store. I tried to make as big of a deal as possible about how I was buying BIG GIRL underwear for her so she could use the BIG GIRL toilet and all that. So when I got home and Emily gave me "the look", mom's you know what I'm talking about, I rushed her to the little training toilet and this is what I got:


here's my new best friend :)

Here's her little "pull up" bottom! These are the smallest size pull ups offer. Which is comforting to know that I have started early.

I love my daughter! She totally knows that she's done something AMAZING for me and is being cute. Her father is going to be so proud to come home to diaperless baby, I mean CHILD :( she's not a baby any more.

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