Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pesky Day

     Today was a horrible day. Okay so it really wasn't THAT bad but it was pretty tiring. I will try to sum it up in a nutshell so that you can see the pictures at the bottom. 

     It started out fine, a completely normal day; breakfast, bath, cartoons, lunch, mom's soap opras...ect. But today I didn't put her down for her normal nap because she had a doctors appointment. YAY. that would land right in the middle of her nap time. So I figured the easy thing to do was to keep her up. She would get a late nap but oh well, I just wouldn't let her take one as long as normal. So I get to her appointment, and the not so kind receptionist (I thought you had to be personal to get that kind of face to face job, APPARENTLY not) tells me that Emily didn't have an appointment've got to be kidding me. I told her I got a phone call yesterday to confirm it and that I had confirmed it for today at 230. She looked at me like I was an idiot, then pulled out a rediculously large binder. It was their log book, the place where someone in the back who has the unfortunate job of calling patients puts down all of the people they contact. And guess what...My name wasn't in there. So, to make a long story much shorter... I didn't get Emily in the with the Dr. and I have NO IDEA who called me yesterday, but I made sure that before I left that the receptionist didn't think that I was an idiot and she kindly reschedualed me an appointment for a week later since the DR. wasn't even IN today. UGH

    After that I ran to get Aarons mom a birthday present. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY KIM! ha. On the way to the store Emily got in about a 2 minute nap. I don't know what it is about those 2 minute power naps but it was like she had slept for 2 hours! but she was cranky and irritable. Aaron decided to go golfing since he got home early from work and this was my text message to him:

"i might not be sane if you dont come home quickly
shes getting into everthing...toilet twice, locked the door, she 
opened it. toothbrush in the toilet. tried for 30 min. to up upstairs
fell 3 times. got in trouble twice and spanked once then gave up. 
cat came downstairs. chased cat. got stuck in the bathtub. scrubbed
bathtub with toilet brush. got in the pots and pans cupboard.
pulled out everything just short of the blender blade. got in trouble.
moved to the untencil drawer. got spanked. decided to give her a nap
anyway. layed her down. got quiet. went to check. pulled everything
off of every shelf on the stand. and now shes on the kitchen table
with the cat. hope youre having a BLAST!"

     My daughter keeps me on my toes but hardly ever gets into the things that she's not supposed to. She like to please people so she doesn't ever purposely make me mad. I didn't know how to handle it! For once, since the week after I brought her home from the hospital I was completely lost and had no idea what the answer was! After I sent that text and had a little time to recooperate, I heard scratching on the bedroom door...this is what I found:

I didn't realize until after I took the picture that if you look to the side she is actually watching me in the mirror!! intelligent or sneaky sneaky sneaky? I'm not sure yet

"Yes mom? am I doing something wrong?"

From the tip top, as far she she could reach

to the bottom

And apparently everything in between!!

     Aaron got home right after this and when he saw the house he felt a little bad for me and cleaned up...what a man. He knows just how to get me in the heart! Aaron sat down and explained to Emily that it wasn't good to color on the walls, coloring was for she has to clean up her own mess....I'm thinking CUTE Aaron but she's a year and a half and a couple of months, she's not going to understand a word you're saying. Well, this was his result:

This picture was actually slightly staged. She was originally pointing to the spot where Aaron needed to spray and saying "a deer, a deer" which I believe is Emily for "right here". Aaron would spray the spot and she would gleefully take the sponge and clean the door!

    Through temper tantrums and me pulling my hair out, I know I'm going to go grey early, then to being the cutest child in the world, THIS is what my job is, and I love it! Just when I think that she can't do another thing to amaze me, she does! I love this girl :)

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