Monday, April 6, 2009

Van Patt-a-slacker

    My P.E. teacher Mr. Willingham, who I'm pretty confident was a caveman at one point and helped invent the wheel. Actually I know that this is a fact, he was my mom's history teacher when she was in high school. Mr. Willingham, if by somehow you come across this, you were definatly one of favorite teachers of all time! The point of all this...he used to call me Stiege-a-slacker. (and whistle the Oskermyer Wiener song when I was around, but that's a different story) Even though I can't really go by that nickname now, I'm still living up to it.
     So, sorry to everyone who reads my blog on a daily basis. I've slacked off the last couple of days on my picture taking of Emily, but I have big plans for this week so I promise all of you that I will be making it up to you. I love that people are actually interested in what goes on in my life and watch to keep updated on my Emily. I actually feel like I've let down people down if I'm not able to get to my blog up for the night. So, thank you everyone and I won't disappoint in the days to come!

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