Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More April Showers...

    It rained even more today. Thankfully, I never had to go outside so I didn't care too much.  So I was folding clothes in the bedroom and I heard Emily start to her "MOM I'm stuck" fuss. I walked into the bathroom to find Emily high centered on the side of the bathtub. (For those of you who don't know, "high centered" is exactly what it sounds like...a rock crawler, for example, can get high centered on a big rock. The front tires made it over but the rock was too HIGH so the rock crawler got it's CENTER stuck on it, giving it a teeter-totter effect.) NOW, imagine Emily...I had accidently left the water in the bathtub after her bath today. She noticed this and decided to crawl in. Her legs have never been long enough for her to be able to get in, until today I guess. Once she got in her diaper began to fill with water. She kindly pulled the plug for me but when she tried to crawl out she couldn't because her diaper was full of water, so she struggled and stuggled and got stuck half way across. Being the good mom I am, I didn't get any pictures of her stuck and screaming (not aimed at you Jess, if the camera was close enough I totally would have grabbed it!!) BUT I did get a picture of her in her diaper:

Who would have known that a standard diaper could possibly hold so much water!!
It weighted about as much as she did when I took it off!!

    We had a birthday party for Matt today and his mom made some amazing enchiladas. I was putting the olives on Emily's fingers so that she could eat them and she was LOVING it. Ironically olives were my food of choice when I was pregnant with her.

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Photo Freak said...

hummm, I wonder if I would have gone and found the camera, possibly! Probubly not, well, she is to cute!