Monday, April 27, 2009

Trip, what a trip

Sorry that I didn't do any posts over the weekend. I took it off for the first time :P This weekend we went to Bakersfield to celebrate Aaron's cousin, Caleb's 21st birthday. Today is his actual birthday. Happy Birthday Caleb! Also Happy Birthday to my dad (I have a picture for you that I will be posting tomorrow as a present) and Aaron's Grandpa Bill. I think Caleb is the last offical April birthday. I'm all done until next year! yay! April is a crazy month in this family!
     We had fun in Bakersfield. For anyone who has never been to the Elephant Bar (it's not actually a bar but a very nice and cheap family restraunt) it is AMAZING! Probably my new favorite place to eat. We ate there for Caleb's birthday yesterday and the waitress was so nice...she wouldn't let him get a drink...yet (he went back today and ironically had the same waitress) but she did bring him a sunday with a candle. It was really sweet! You don't seem to come across many waiter/waitresses that actually seem to enjoy their customers like this one did. I would have given her a 100$ tip if I could have.
     Today was my lazy get-everything-back-into-order-after-a-trip day. I hate them. I super clean the house before I leave so that it makes it easier when I come back. 
     My best friend, Raina stopped by today for me to design her tattoo. Since I pride myself in being a photoshop master, I was able to design whatever she wanted and then took a picture of her and pasted the picture onto her so that she could look at it and change anything that she wanted to. She loved it of course! :) I got to visit with her for a couple of hours, I pretty much love her to death!! Emily was shy at first (her new thing) but warmed up pretty fast. I took a couple while Raina was here:

Emily found Raina's shoes and was walking up and down the hall way with them on.

When Raina got ready to leave she picked up Emily to give her a hug. This is Emily waving and saying "bye" to me. Apparently she loved Raina so much that she was going to go home with her. She screamed for a good two minutes (a long time for a Emily tantrum) after she left.

     Tomorrow is Emily's very late 18 month appointment. We will see how she does. She's usually a trooper when it comes to shots and the doctor but this is one of the first ones since I feel like she might actually know what's going on. So we will see...I might just have to stick my camera in my purse and try to get a picture of the "big girl" at the doctors office for you all!

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