Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ah April!

     I don't know what it is about Aaron's family and April (or is it July?) but it seems EVERYONES birthday falls in April. Even though today wasn't Chris' actual 21st birthday (it's in 2 days) we did celebrate his birthday today. Chris is Aaron's closest cousin in age, best man in each others weddings, best friend and biggest riding competition. And even though they are so different they are so similar it's pretty ridiculous. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!

He's going to LOVE me for this picture.

Jessie, Chris' wife (one of my best friends thank God! it wouldn't have worked so well if our husbands were joined at the hip and we hated each other would it?). Anyway, Jessie's grandma made these cupcakes and a cake made like a berm on a race track with a red motorcylce, red tray, red cups and if you see from the picture above Chris is wearing a red hat and red shirt, I wouldn't be surprised if his shorts were red also. Aaron and Chris both are all about red. I know it has something to do with the fact that they both ride Honda motorcycles religiously, therefore 
"red is faster".
I'm really not sure why, but both of our weddings were RED black and white and we both have red kitchen accents and SOMETHING big and red in every room in the house. It's pretty out of control actually. Back to Jessie's grandma...I give her kudo's for these cupcakes. One, they were delicious and unfortunatly didn't take the time to admire them before I inhaled them but now that I look at the pictures, even the detail in the cupcakes is AMAZING.

GREAT grandma Grace (hence the Emily Grace) and Emily watching the cows

     These next few pictures almost made me cry. One of my most vivid memories of my grandma, my dad's mom, is when she showed me how snap-dragon flowers snap. For the longest time they were my favorite flowers, and even still every time I see one I snap their little heads and think of her.

Aaron's Aunt Bonnie shower Emily how they snap.

This one is for you grandpa Ray. My dad said that you like the black and white ones so I did one of Emily and the snap dragons in black and white. I hope you like it.

     And I leave everyone with the one of the best and most meaningful pictures that I've ever taken of Emily. Everything down to the lighting and composition is perfect! and It's Emily making the little flower snap her own finger.

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