Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cupcakes, busted lips, "mum mum" and "a dada"

     My hubby got home last night and I had my first night of real sleep in a long time. That was after staying up until 1:00AM because Emily wanted play with her dada., of course. Emily woke up at about 11:00 today to cupcakes and was so happy. Needless to say, she destroyed them in the cutest way possible.



    That WHOLE piece got shoveled in! For the first time in a long time I was pretty confident she was going to choke to death. 

    Aaron's dad's cousin, Jill, who I do photography with came by today to take some pictures of me and Emily. Unfortunately our little adventure was cut short by my daughter falling and busting her top lip wide open. She was a trooper about it. She had been running around in the grass and saw the neighbors dog and started heading that way. I blinked (famous last words) and she was facedown in the grass not making a noise. I ran over and she was in the middle of a blood curdling scream. When I pulled her up her cute little face was smeared with blood. My heart dropped, and although I got many compliments from Jill about how calm and cool I was I was pretty sure she had busted a tooth out. After she stopped crying (only a minute later) I was able to clean her up and see that it was only her lip that had been split. It was still pretty unsightly but my bug is totally fine.
I actually think this is when she saw the "a doggie"

   Aaron came home to an exhausted Emily but she was in a super good mood so we snapped some pictures together....of course none of me and Aaron together.
"a dada" and his bug
"a mum mum" and my munchy with her busted little lip :(

    This last pictures is pretty irritating but SO CUTE. I spend a good hour today scrubbing our sliding glass door so that you could finally see through it again. Between my outside child (Reggie) and his muddy paws and my inside child (Emily) and her grubby little fingers, it was beginning to get pretty out of control. So here's Emily christening my sliding glass door with her gooy, little fingers.
    Tomorrows blog: All the things no one ever tells you about the "joys" of motherhood.


Jessica Ann said...

i cant wait for tomorrows lol

Photo Freak said...

love all those pictures!