Monday, April 13, 2009

Worlds Longest Post!

     I'm pretty confident this WILL be the longest post ever...I should call up the Guiness Book of World Records now. So if you don't have time on your this for later. This is the picture version of our Easter Weekend, ready?

     This weekend we spent Easter with Aaron's family in Pine Mountain. For those of you who don't know, Pine Mountain is located at the top of "the grapevine" and then due West into the mountains about 20 minutes. So yes, it was cold and even snowed a little. I think I can honestly say that it was the first time I ever spend the day before Easter in the snow (I say the day BEFORE because it had all melted by the time Easter Day rolled around).

    We left Friday late in the afternoon and came across some unexpected quests on the side of the road. I don't know why they were there, or if there is a Buffalo farm, or what, but I felt like I had gone back to the old west...for a minute:

I think he looks like a "Bruno". He was definitely flirting with Aaron

(Emily was asleep two minutes after being put in the car so I didn't get any neat pictures of her with the Buffalo)

     The worst part of the drive is probably the hour and half of straight dirt road through Carrizo Plains...I think Aaron said something about it being a National Monument or 9th Wonder of the World?...I don't quite know what is so special about it, maybe I should find out so that I can appreciate it more...but for now...I don't get it. The only thing cool about it is the occational Antelope and toothless redneck wielding a shotgun.

     After the flat lands it's up to the very tip top of the grapevine. It was by far the most beautiful drive I've ever seen (when I felt well enough to pull my head out of the plastic bag). So unfortunately I was too preoccupied to take a picture and Aaron was too busy trying to tune out my yelling at him to slow down, but to get there faster, that he didn't really get the opportunity either. Sorry, because it truly was BEAUTIFUL. Since, the earliest day I can remember I've had motion sickness...I'm going to become a millionaire when I invent the shot in the butt that cures this pesky little problem. Until then, THANKS DAD, it's your genes I curse everytime Aaron laughs at me for gagging when he goes to fast around a turn!


     On Saturday Aaron went golfing with the men of the family while the women were left at home to do who knows what. Margie made the mistake of answering "yes" to me asking if there was anything I could do to help her in the kitchen. Now, I know I've said this before on here, and Margie, I know that you read this so you were well warned!, but I am NOT the cook. I can actually COOK a pretty decent meal, but I have a burnt thumb when it comes to baking. I've forgotten the flour in cookies at least 4 times and almost burnt the house down twice, no joke. Well my job was pretty much to read the baking directions, grate some carrots and give a lending hand when Margie needed while baking a carrot cake. How could things possibly get messed up?, you ask. The answer is Kayla and her burnt thumb.

Here is a cheeto (I don't know how that got in there) and 6 cups of flour, 4 teaspoons of cinnamon and...some other stuff. Turns out that she wanted me to DOUBLE the recipe. HA. but after my fingers were bleeding from manually grating 6 cups of carrots we decided that we weren't going to double it and had to toss the other stuff.
6 cups of carrots, for ONE carrot cake! who would have known?

Quite possibly the most disgusting "cake batter" I've EVER seen! 

Who would have known it would turn out to be one of the best cakes ever made?! But I will tell you what...Margie never asked me back into the kitchen :P


     This is probably my favorite thing to take pictures could have something to do with the fact that Emily is in a good mood EVERY time I do take pictures.


Emily was loving this bathtub...until Rhiannon turned on the jets!

This picture looks staged!!! I needed a little rubber ducky sitting on the bathtub ledge to top it off!


      I LOVE this little boy!! Eian James Turley is one year younger than Emily and is probably the same size! I couldn't resist taking pictures of him in the bath :)

There's that duck I wanted for Emily's pictures!

PERFECTION (besides Emily of course)

    SOOOOO, good thing I didn't call up the Guinness guys! It is 1:45 in the morning and I am going to bed!! You will have to wait until tomorrow for all the Easter pictures...even though most of you will probably wait until tomorrow to see this anyway... AH I'm getting delusional! Good Morning everyone, I'm going to bed! :)


Photo Freak said...

wonderful pictures

Rhi said...

I did not even turn on the jets it was Kaylee!