Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lazy day

    Today was quite possibly the laziest day of my life. It seems I say that almost every Saturday. Aaron and I always have big plans for the things we need to get done on our only free day together, then it rolls around and NOTHING happens. This Saturday, however, was justified. Emily has all four eye teeth coming in. She has been doing this for a month now and it feels like they will never come in!! It seems like I've gone back to the newborn days where she won't eat because her teeth hurt and then she crys because she's hungry. Then she wakes up in the middle of the night in a sweat screaming bloody murder (I thought for sure I had rolled over wrong and broke her leg). So, I gave her some tylenol and teething tablets and she went back to sleep 30 minutes later. When we woke up this morning there it was; a pearly white spike of a baby tooth that broke the surface. One more to go and the teething days are OVER! YAY! Anyway, we all lied down at about 1:00 to put Emily down for a nap and next thing I knew, it was 4:00 and our day was gone! Oh well, I will take a lazy day with my family over a productive one without them. 

    So even though not much happened I still got a few pictures:

There are several things I absolutely love about my husband, but this picture represents 2 out of the many. 
       1) He's so creative in the ways of telling me how much he loves me. He sat on the couch for about 20 minutes doing this. I was just about to start getting irritated when he showed me what he had been working on. He bent all these little paperclips into this. My heart melted!
        2) His hands. Most women would would be turn away from how rugged and dirty his hands are. Not me! because for me it is just proof of how hard he works every day for me and Emily. I LOVE his rough, tough, dirty (even though then are scrubbed clean) gross to most people, manly hands.

Grammy (Aaron's mom) bought Emily a frosty from Wendy's today. I wasn't very successful at getting a good picture of the frosty that got smashed into the fibers of my rug or what she smeared all over herself but I thought this was a darn cute picture.

"Painting with light" 
that's what they call it. Apparently, it's REALLY easy if you get all the timing just right and have an idea of how a camera works. Aaron was my model and I'm SO EXCITED at how this came out!! It's my next adventure in the photography field and I hope to have it perfected soon. I couldn't see Aaron when I did this, it was pitch black outside. I ran around him with a flash light and this is what I got!! AHH! and even though it's not prefect, it's exactly what I had pictured in my mind.

    For everyone who was waiting to see family pictures: My sweet Jill has had a hectic few days and hasn't got the chance to get to them yet. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some up.

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Photo Freak said...

that paperclip thing is so cute and I also love dirty hands, I prayed I would marry a man with curly dark hair and dirty hands! Prayers answerd!