Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Evil Dr.

     Today was Emily's dr.'s appointment, and just as I suspected she knew EXACTLY what was going on this time. Given it was probably the worst appointment I've ever taken her too the doc actually complimented her on how good she was because most children her age are screaming the whole time and rolling on the floor in a tantrum. She didn't! So even though it was harder for me...it was good. I have 1000 stories for you all. I've going to sum it up with this:
I learned that I have a big headed, big brained, intelligent, better behaved than the average two year old, strong willed, and stronger than the average 6 year old, and 50% as developmentally as advanced as the average 3 year old daughter. Who can poop and clear out the office, and scream so loud that the neighboring doctors call to make sure everything is okay, and "never ceases to amazing" her doctor. She is 24lb. 9 oz and 35 3/4 inches long. If she walked into a room of 100 kids born on her birthday she would be has heavy as 55% of them (she actually went up on the growth chart when it's normal for most kids to drop right now, anyone who knows her, knows that she can eat more than me and Aaron put together). She is taller than 95% of kids her age and if she walked into that room again...she would have the biggest head.
     I did get some pictures while I was in there:

Eating cherrios on the table like a big girl, waiting for the doctor, after the mean nurse had torchured her with a tape measurer and scale

Her boo boo band aid

Yes, that is a couple of tears she shed when the big bad nurse came back and gave her, her shots. Yes she screamed bloody murder, and successfully kick the nurse, but as soon as the nurse was out of the room she was over it.

These are the orangutang glasses that she got from the Elephant Bar, I thought you would appreciate them :) Hope you like!

     Well it's time for me to put my daughter to bed, and boy does she need it after such a stressful day! (that goes for me too!)

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